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Civil Litigation – drafting basic legal pleadings and other legal documents: interrogatories, notices to produce, deposition notices, complaints, answers, cross and counter claims with affirmative defenses, motions, Order to Show Cause, stipulations and releases. Prepare deposition summaries, answers to interrogatories and simple motions. Contract and tort causes of action and their respective remedies and damages

Corporate Law - evaluation of various types of business organization: Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, LLC, C Corporation, S Corporation, non profit, advantages and disadvantages.

- IRS Form SS4- application for Employer Identification Number

- Certificate of Limited Partnership, LLC Operating Agreement

- IRS Forms 1065 US Return of Partnership Income, 8832 Entity Classification Election, Schedule K-1

- Servicing corporate clients, incorporation, drafting of minutes, powers of attorney, general partnership agreements, dissolution and reporting to government: drafting Certificate of Incorporation, Application for Reservation of Name, Alternate Name Registration, Corporate ByLaws, Written Consent in Lieu of the Organizational Meeting (a Delaware Corporation), Shareholders Buy-Sell Agreement, Letter of Intent, dissolution and dissociation etc.

Contract Law – formation, performance, remedies for breach under common law and UCC. Uniform Commercial Code- Article 2 Sale of Goods, UCC filing, Article 5 –Letters of Credit, revised Article 7- Documents of Title- Warehouse Receipts, Bills of Lading, other docs of title; Unconscionability, Statute of Frauds, Parole Evidence Rule, Title, Risk of Loss, Warranties; Remedies for Breach/Damages, Drafting Contracts and Sponsorship Agreements.

Estates, Trusts, Wills - testacy and intestacy; assisting in preparation of estate and inheritance tax forms, probate and non probate property, collect information needed for transfer of estate assets. Assisting in preparation of documents associated with estate planning, valuation of assets and maintenance of records; drafting Last Will and Testament, understanding Trusts requirements, drafting of trusts for review, assisting in completing estate tax returns; preparing court forms from account records; drafting periodic statements for estates and trusts; preparing tax waivers and statements for estates and trusts. Forms L-9 Real Property Tax Waiver, IT-R Transfer Inheritance and Estate Tax, Form 706 Estate Tax Return.

Real Estate – drafting Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts of Sale, Leases, preparation of closing statements and completing HUD-RESPA form, Title and Foreclosure, Title Search.

Matrimonial Law - Prenuptial Agreement, Grounds for Divorce, Drafting of the Complaint, Summons, Answer and Counterclaim, Pendente Lite Motion, Order to Show Cause, Case Information Statement, etc.

Criminal Law - elements of crime, common defenses, search and seizure, warrants, arrest and bail, interrogations, plea bargaining, drafting pretrial motions, assisting in discovery, trial preparations and post-conviction procedures.

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